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Better Management, Decision Making and Financial Outcomes.
IoT : Actionable Data at your Fingertips.
Modern businesses and organisations need data and information in a constantly evolving marketplace. COGNETEX brings the power of live, actionable data to your organisation to drastically improve efficiency, decision making and oversight.


COGNETEX by Loop Technologies, is a flexible platform that utilises proven technology to measure the environment, activity and occupancy; control remotely the access, use and operations of a facility, factory or machine and to provide live, actionable data to vastly improve decisions and the actions taken from them.








Environment, activity, occupancy.

Whatever you need to measure there
is a way to do it. The COGNETEX team
will design and develop systems for
your organisation to collect the data
you need.


Live data, information, action.

Better data allows you to make
informed decisions leading to better
outcomes. COGNETEX will help to
deliver your organisation real gains
and benefits.


 Access, usage, operations.

Wherever you are in the world our
systems are built around you. From
remote control opening and closing,
to notification alarm systems, to
operational efficiency, there are gains
to be made to your bottom line. 



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COGNETEX by Loop Technologies: 
supplying customised electronic solutions to industry since 1989.
   vickersData at Vickers Aircraft is reported in real time on any computer or device allowing for immediate decisions and action to be taken if required.
Since 1989 Loop Technologies has gained a wealth of experience and retained a highly experienced team in the field of electronic solutions. This expertise has enabled us to develop solutions for many businesses and organisations across a vast array of industries.  

COGNETEX is the amalgamation of all our combined expertise into a solution that enables significant gains and benefits which are applicable and adaptable to many industries and organisations.

Realise the Benefits of Live
Data in your Organisation.
  tcc1tcc2Tauranga City Council is able to monitor usage of their public toilet facilities, enabling 
vastly improved planning, efficiency, and savings.

COGNETEX solution is an integrated
technology system giving facilities managers:

  • Usage counts and congestion alerts.
  • Cleaning optimisation data.
  • Service visit tracking.
  • Flexible and automated lock and unlock schedules.
  • Security.
  • Unusual usage pattern detection.
  • And more.
Systems created by the COGNETEX
team are designed to work in new
or existing facilities, factories, and
machinery. They are designed to provide
cost effective management giving your
business, organisation and customers a vastly improved experience.

Why install an IoT system by COGNETEX?

COGNETEX is a flexible platform which is configurable to many industries and uses. A good example is it’s application as a smart facilities system where it provides a wide range of benefits including:

Economic gains: 

  • Controlling access without the need for visits to site, reducing costs.
  • Optimising cleaning routines saving time and money.
  • Freeing up staff from monitoring facilities to focus on productive work.

Customer usage:

  • Amenities placement matches the need.
  • Better serviced amenities.
  • Greater consistency of service or product outcomes.

Peace of mind:

  • Notifications of alarms, such as security and unusual usage patterns.
  • Remote control of access.

Key Capabilities:

As an electronics solutions provider Loop Technologies provides a specialist range of capabilities to our
COGNETEX customers.

The COGNETEX team offer a unique skill set. We
provide a professional and seamless approach to the integration and implementation of technology within your organisation.

  • IT system interfacing and development.
  • Data reporting and analysis.
  • Knowledge of sensors, wireless connection, and hosting.
  • Manufacturing high reliability electronics.
  • Component level electronics design and maintenance.
  • Mobile and web development.

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