Smart Facilities Solutions

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Loop Technologies’ Smart Facilities solution is a flexible system for measuring,
monitoring, and controlling usage.
The system works in new and existing facilities to provide more cost effective management and give your customers an improved amenities experience.


Why a Smart System?

Loop Technologies Smart Facilities solution provides a wide range of benefits for operators of public amenities:


— Access control without the need for visits to site
— Optimising cleaning routines
— Minimising off season costs by remotely locking out unneeded cubicles and rooms


— Amenities placement matches the need
— Better serviced amenities

Peace of Mind

— Notifications of alarms, such as security and unusual usage patterns


Loop Technologies’ Smart Facilities solution is an integrated system designed to give you:
— Usage counts and congestion alerts
— Cleaning optimisation data
— Service visit tracking
— Flexible and automated lock and unlock schedules
— Security
— Unusual usage pattern detection
— And more


Customer Feedback

Martin Bellingan
Facilities Manager
Tauranga City Council

“The management of public toilets by local bodies has always been based on guesswork, without any really useful information to make decisions with. I engaged the team at Loop Technologies to provide a system that would simply and accurately give me the decision making data I needed. The Loop team worked with me to implement a practical system to give visibility and control of TCC’s existing and new public toilet facilities. I can now see usage patterns and control
access, from anywhere. I can quickly spot unusual patterns of usage and take any necessary action. Before this system I really was working in the dark. I am now able to deliver better amenities at lower cost with the data I can see through the Loop system.”

 Actionable data for smarter facilities management


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The Process

No two customers have exactly the same needs, so we have built flexibility into our system. Here’s how to implement a system that’s right for you:
— Talk to us about the kind of data, monitoring and control you need.
— We let you know what can be done, and the costs.
— We manage everything to put the system in place keeping you up to date with progress.
— We provide your team with training and reports to get the most out of the system.

Smart Platform Possibilities

We designed our smart platform system to collect and present actionable data from a range of facilities including:
— Public spaces
— Campus
— Commercial
— Industrial
We work with our customers to adapt our platform to deliver the data they need.

Our Story

Organisations increasingly rely on data for efficient and timely decision making. Loop Technologies is an electronics
service company providing customised solutions to business and government customers. We began using the internet of things (IoT) to provide our own operational data several years ago, and employed our unique skill set to overcome the
challenges this involved. From this came the realisation that there was a demand from organisations to have actionable
data delivered as a service.

We provide sensor hardware design, cloud based data collection, storage and processing, software and application development, as well as ongoing monitoring and maintenance of the system. Our service allows organisations to go to the next level and apply their expertise to the data, and not worry about the detail of how it is collected.


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