• Our comprehensive in-house knowledge is a valuable resource
  • We can provide training for the operation and support of specific equipment
  • Access to working hardware at our facility reduces risks
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An immense knowledge base

Years of repairing, maintaining and developing technology hardware, coupled with low staff turnover, have contributed to Loop Technologies’ formidable in-house knowledge base. Our detailed knowledge of our customers’ equipment, means we’re in a position to provide effective training whenever it’s needed.

Subject matter experts

Our specialists understand telecommunications equipment at every level - the system, the card, the components and application in the field. They also have the skills required for successful training. Our in-house soldering trainer is certified to train others in the internationally recognised IPC-A-610 standard.

At our premises or yours

Our trainers can provide training sessions at our ESD-safe facility, so that your personnel can learn safe practices and have hands-on access to working hardware without the risks associated with operating on a live system.

Alternatively, training can be conducted on your premises.